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During a Thanksgiving holiday I sat down with 21 of your fellow Stock Secrets Members and conducted a workshop. My goal in this workshop was to teach in detail the most important principles and techniques for how to profitably buy and sell stocks. The Workshop was a total success! And we got it on tape.

These videos will be the most important part of your investing library.

While books are great instructional tools, most folks learn better by watching and listening. These videos take advantage of that human trait. You can sit back and relax in your favorite chair or sofa while I explain the principles, techniques and nuances of trading and investing. All you have to do is follow along.

Here are some of the topics that I cover in the Stock Secrets Workshop Videos:

1. The art of stock price negotiation. How to play the game on your terms. Be in control and prepared to move on. There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books written about the art of negotiation. But very few books mention negotiating buy and sell prices in the stock market. These videos will show you how the negotiation process is both simple and easy to understand. Order execution and the types of orders we use play a critical role.

2. Order execution. How orders are executed. Most importantly, how that affects your stock business. This topic is rarely, if ever covered by most stock market educators since they typically focus on high priced stocks. Getting a good fill on your entry is very important when you are buying “cheap” stocks because it can add a real punch to your returns when the trade is finally sold out.

3. Types of orders. The types of orders you use and when you use them is how you will control the price you buy and sell at, and works hand in hand with the subject of order execution. Knowing the right orders to use can keep the market makers and specialists from taking you to the financial woodshed when getting your buy and sell orders filled. I even show you which prices to use.

4. The art of buying before the break. Everyone wants to buy a stock before the crowd gets on board in order to get the best price. Well, there are times when a stock can be bought before the break point. There are specific price and volume action indicators that signal the best times to take early action and I’ll show them to you. Buying early can add more money to your bottom line, always a good thing when you’re building your successful stock business.

5. Doing your homework. One attendee asks me what I mean when I say, “Do your homework.” I explain in these videos what homework is necessary to be successful and what homework is a waste of time. Too much time can be spent analyzing meaningless numbers and chart action when the process is actually simple enough for anyone to understand.

6. The truth about stock market speculating and investing. There are some facts about investing/speculating that we need to face. I explain the difference between the two and why it’s important to know which one you are doing.

7. Profiting in pieces. Buying is easy, selling is the hard part. There are many approaches to selling but I will show you in these videos how to sell and why we do it this way. It will help you sleep a little sounder at night.

8. How charts tell you the next hot story before the story becomes public news. While looking through several hundred stock charts one weekend 12 years ago, I noticed how price and volume action can tip you off to the next round of market leaders. These signals are developing in charts all the time just waiting for you to uncover the next hot sector.

9. When Wall Streeters and well capitalized investors buy and how to recognize it. Getting on board with these folks is the best way to own stocks that can weather the setbacks and gyrations as a stock works its way out of the lower ranges. I explain this in my Stock Secrets From The Grave manual and cover it in much more detail in the Stock Secrets Workshop Videos.

10. Stock price energy and break points. When to buy and when to wait. Just as it’s sometimes good to buy before the break, there are times when you will want to let a stock break out and then play the second break or the following setback. Understanding price energy will help you make this important decision.

11. How to hold with confidence during the lower ranges. Most investors will not wade into the shallow end of the investment pool because they don’t understand early price action and are too lazy or fearful to learn how to ride out the bumps. I’ll show you how to remain calm in the face of negative stock action.

12. Understanding news and earnings releases. It can be a real help knowing something about market psychology. Every piece of information that Wall Street and its listed companies release is used to solicit a reaction from investors and traders. The Workshop videos will tell you how to pull out the real story.

13. Why you can’t trust insider buying. Sure insiders have a say in how the company is run and what news is released. But do they know what really moves a stock? You will after watching these videos.

14. What we do and why we do it; Giving each stock a chance to make you money. We live in a microwave society. Everyone wants what they want and they want it now. What we do is truly contrarian to this line of thinking. We look to the horizon instead of toward our toes. But there are trade-offs with our approach to buying and selling stocks. Why buying in the lower ranges is worth the wait.

These principles and techniques and many more are covered in detail in the Stock Secrets Workshop Videos. The information I share in these videos comes from many years of experience in the stock market. Applying the information in these videos can save you the years of hard knocks I suffered learning this great business.

Here are the two critical components you will receive:

You will receive four-and-a-half hours of intensive but easy to understand video. The only other way to get this important information is to actually attend a live Workshop personally. And having the videos in your own investing library means that you will have the information available to you any time you need it. You can regularly review the videos to expand your knowledge, brush up on critical principles and techniques or even bolster your confidence and pump you up after a long day at work. You can order your videos in either DVD or VHS formats.

Also included is the Stock Secrets Workshop Manual which includes each and every chart and handout we cover in the Workshop. And the charts and handouts include all of my original notes and comments so that you can see exactly what I’m covering in the videos. And after watching the videos just once you will be able to review the Manual at any time for quick reference. Each time you turn the page you will hear my voice from the Workshop videos because pictures trigger auditory memory. Feel free to take notes right on the charts along with mine. This will make your workbook even more valuable as a study tool.

The bottom line on the Stock Secrets Workshop Videos is that I would never have produced them if I didn’t think that they could help you as a stock market entrepreneur to develop a better understanding of the market and stocks, and in turn help you to become more successful.

To get order your copy of the Stock Secrets Workshop Videos call 971-71-STOCK(78625)

Best Trading, Matt

P.S. Here are some comments from a few Stock Secrets Members who attended this Workshop:

The workshop was very informative! I feel fortunate to have been able to attend the workshop in person, and now through DVD can relive the wonderful experience. I commented to my wife on my return: you know, I attend a number of conferences and workshops each year for work, that was without a doubt the best workshop that I have ever attended. Next year we both should plan to attend. Thanks Matt for all you do for us!

Bert S., Germantown, TN

One of the most important aspects of your presentation was the visual learning. It’s one thing to read something, but to see it visually has a much greater learning impact. That’s why having this on visual media is so valuable!

Brian M, Oceanside, CA

This workshop exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. As a new trader, the hands on training and collaboration with other successful traders helped expand my understanding of the principles already clearly present in Matt’s manual, and it has helped me focus my efforts in trading since. I highly recommend it and eagerly await another to attend!

Jerry M., Fort Worth, TX

Really enjoyed the workshop. It really put things more in perspective. I’m looking forward to the next seminar!

Trent K., Alpine, CA