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Dear Investor,

“The Stock Secrets From The Grave” manual is quite possibly the best stock manual ever written for the working person.

How can I say that?

Because I’ve been reading books on trading and investing for more than two decades, some dating back to the early 20th century. In my opinion none of them explain in a clear and concise manner exactly how to pick and then buy and sell “cheap” stocks successfully. This book does. And you won’t have to quit your day job to apply what I’ll teach you.

Here’s what you’ll know after reading my manual:

1. How to find “cheap” stocks. Most investors have no idea what a “cheap” stock is, let alone what one looks like. (See page 19 for the true definition of “cheap”). But knowing the difference between low priced and “cheap” is critical when selecting a stock. Subscribers to my Stock Secrets Newsletter Service have seen me apply this this principle for years.

2. When to buy a “cheap” stock. I show you how to determine the real buy point, before the stock begins its uptrend, not the one on which the average investor is so fixated.

3. The real reason for looking at the fundamentals. Who has the time to thoroughly read and decipher each stock’s financial statements? And even if you did have the time, would you trust what you were reading, that is if you understood it? I’ll show you what you really need to look for and why. My fundamental research technique is quick, simple and effective.

4. What to do after you buy. That’s right, when to hold and when to sell, the heart of trading and investing. I’ll show you what sort of price and volume action to look for in the early stages of a rise that can help prevent you from selling too soon or getting stopped out by mistake. I’ll also show you simple selling strategies that can take the guesswork out of taking profits or losses.

5. How to develop the right mindset to make money in the stock market. I don’t devote hundreds of pages to the subject of market psychology. The subject didn’t require that. This is a simple subject that mostly requires you to just do it! You can’t analyze yourself to success in the stock market. You need to know who the players are, how they operate and then take action.

6. The small details of trading that make a real difference: Like the types of orders to place and when to place them. This is critical information for the type of investing you’ll be learning. I’ll show you how to ride the “news roll” and you’ll learn how to read the personality of a stock. I even cover how to buy correctly in any market condition.

This manual will walk you through exactly what I do to pick and then buy and sell stock! It’s what you would learn if you spent the day trading with me.

Order your copy of the “Stock Secrets From The Grave manual today for $49 plus shipping by callingĀ 971-71-STOCK(78625) and enjoy the simplicity of a proven stock picking method.

Best Trading, Matt

P.S. Here’s what a few readers of my “Stock Secrets From The Grave” manual have said about it:

It came in today’s mail. I had other plans for today, but just couldn’t put it down. It took me about three hours to read. I had limited success [in the stock market]. It all seemed still too complicated.

Well, now “I GET IT.” You have made it incredibly simple, but backed up with the experience of a stock broker, who knew the “old ways” of Wall Street”

Thank you so much! You inspire me.

Mike in New York

I just got your book and I LOVE it! Great wording, concise and informative… Answers questions I have asked myself recently – it will be hard to put down.

Jim in Denver